Time For a Change Now!
Time For a Change Now!

Time For a Change Now!
Presidential candidate
Luis A. Szydlowski-DeJesus

Help us campaign today for a better tomorrow!

Who Am I?


Born and raised in North Philadelphia. An area called "The Bad Lands". As a teenager I got into a bit of trouble, hanging with the wrong people. I sold weed, because I thought that was the only way to survive. I ended up being arrested on several occasions. I was a knuckle head like most teenagers. At the age of 17, my mother almost lost me. I was Shot and hit seven times. God gave me a second chance at life. He left me here for a reason. I just didn't know for exactly what! I fought the world for many years, 22 years to be exact. I hid the fact that I was gay, and wanted to be as much as a man as I thought the world wanted me to be. But, I was wrong!


Though no one is perfect, I believe change is possible! I'm currently happily married to the man I love, and that doesn't change the fact that I am a man! I am happy! I'm attending college, working on a degree in architecture.

Over my summer off, I asked myself "How can I design and build a structure, if the foundation isn't stable?" Our country isn't stable! It's time for a change. It's time for a regular person to run our country! Whether that be me or not we need someone in that office who knows the struggle, and can be the voice of the people! I will be the voice of the people! I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, because I’m living it! I know what it’s like to be head over heels in debt, because I am! I know what it’s like to go into a welfare office to ask for assistance because I have no food, because I am now! We need some who can relate to everyone not just a certain few!

The Platform

You matter! You ARE LOVED!

Charity - Spread The Love

The youth are our future! It's time we invest in them! If we show them "we care" they will care! Let's fight for FREE COLLEGE! As the best country in the would. We must catch up to upcoming/growing countries. In order to get there we must be educated! Most people don't attend college because of the cost. We WILL figure a way for FREE COLLEGE!


United By A Common Goal

First: United Foods. 

As the best nation in the world, no one should have to chose between feeding their Kids and paying their light bill. So, we must rebuild our current welfare system. We need to be helping people who are willing to help themselves. For example, I spoke with this wonder-mother who said she makes $500 a week (that's $2000 a month). But, after her $1100 mortgage is paid, she then has to choose which bill to set aside in order to eat. When she went to the public welfare office they offered her $62 a month. How can someone survive with $62 feeding a child and themselves. As a nation we have to make sure EVERYONE has food!

Second, is Health Insurance. 

There’s is no way that us being the “Best” country in the world doesn't have universal healthcare. I want to sit with countries like Canada and figure out the best way to make that possible. Many times you encounter a person who simply will not go to the hospital because they cannot afford the medical bills. Our health as a nation should be top priority.

Third, our Economy 

Our nation is in major debt! We have to figure out a way to work with countries like China, side by side with them and learn from them as well. China is booming for a reason. We just have to get off of our high pedestal and not be ashamed of asking for help! It is okay to learn from other countries like the UK, China, Canada and Australia. Whom are in no where near the amount of debt we’re in.

Fourth, Gun Control 

Me being a gunshot victim. Being lucky enough to survive 7 bullets! We have to do something with gun control. I understand our right to bare arms. But, if we love that freedom so much then we must educated ourselves, and change a few laws on who can carry. Unless being used in a controlled environment. I believe we need to ban all automatic assault rifle‘s. Furthermore we must build a cross country system for linked background checks and at least a 60 day hold after clearance. Which upon clearance one final background check will be done, after a completion of a mandatory course only then shall one be able to carry.

Fifth, Climate Control

Believe or not Global Warming is a real thing. We have to help save our planet for our children and grandchildren! We as a country have to start using clean energy, by using what we have for free! The sun and wind! We’re heading towards 2020. It’s time to focus much more time and money in restoring/saving our home. There’s only one earth!

Sixth: Free College

Focusing on our kids will make this country great! Most common folks are afraid to attend college because of the high cost of tuition. Were more or less forced to settle for low paying jobs causing us to be stuck at the bottom. It’s time we catch up to many other countries who have been providing free college education and have been proven to only do good! If we can find money for wars, we can definitely find a way to fund college education for all! It not only would put us back on top but our country would be smarter, safer, and more united! #FreeCollegeForAll2020

Seventh: Farmers Law. 

We have to look out for the people feeding our nation! We need to let them know that just because they don’t live in a city that their voice doesn’t count. We need to sit down with our farming communities and figure how can the nation help. We are one nation and we must look out for everyone!

Eighth: Scratch off and start over ICE

We have to ask ourselves, "Why do we have hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes coming to us seeking refuge?" America was built on the backs of immigrants and slaves. Yet were turning people away. Why are we turning our backs on people now at a time of need. I understand we need to protect our country. But, we need to have a heart. These poor babies in cages could easily be one of my kids if I was fleeing America. So we have to figure out a way to open up our boarders! Not meaning completely open boarders but, this world is ours. Why build walls? Well to protect our nation of course. But, we have to find a better policy so that people can come here the right way!


 I want to be a architect you know that. But someone. One of us. A commoner who knows what it is to struggle and make a way. Who has compassion, respect, and dignity. Who’s will is to lead our country to a better place. Not go backwards. It’s time to take back what’s ours!! America once was a place everyone dreamed of moving to. Let’s keep that imagine before our empire fails and falls.  

I as a candidate can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

LASD Presidential Candidate

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